Wednesday, 7 June 2017

WOYWW #418: Gelli printed feathers

Has it really been 4 weeks since my last post? I'm checking in with a quick project and update for WOYWW.  We have finally sold our house, just before pulling it off the market. The problem is that we still haven't found anywhere to buy, so it might all fall apart, but we'll keep looking. The good news is, that I can bring my stuff out now and start creating again - as I don't need to keep the house pristine clean and tidy, ready for viewings. So I wasted no time to get messy and got my gelli plate out yesterday to print on some feathers. I was inspired by this video on YT. This is what my desk looked like during the proceedings:

You can spot a stack of white feathers that I got on eBay. They came from China and were very cheap. I used my 8X8 inch gelli plate with a variety of acrylic paints to colour the feathers and then I stamped and stencilled on top of them with white paint. This is what I ended up with:

I've also got some nice prints from the gelli plate:

The feathers are very pretty to look at. I might used them in projects, or just put them in a jar for decoration. This was just a quick project to jumpstart my creativity. It's hard to get back on the bandwagon once you've fallen off, but I intend to return at full steam- sometime soon!

We went on a short mini-holiday last week during the half term break. I'll post some photos - see if you can tell where we were. Hint: I expect Angela (@Felix the Crafty Cat) will recognize this place immediately. 

We were away only for one night and decided to leave Oreo in the house instead of putting him in a cattery. I'm sure he preferred it this way too. We left him with plenty of food/water and he had the view of the garden, all his toys and several places to sleep to while away the hours. He was fine when we returned and he didn't seem to have missed us at all.  

I've missed this years ATC swap, but I'm looking forward to seeing 
all your wonderful creations as I do my rounds. 
Happy W8YWW! 

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