Wednesday, 21 June 2017

WOYWW #420: Heatwave!!!

I'm taking part in WOYWW three times in a row this month! And let me tell you, it is HOT in the UK right now - well, by British standards, anyway. I took this photo of my temporary desk in the garden on Monday working on a LifeBook lesson, but after that I had to move indoors as it was unbearably hot out there, even in the shade. If you want to see the finished project, you can find it here.

Other than that, I have a couple of pages in my new organizer to show you. They look very similar as I used the same paints and imagery, but they are supposed to be separate pages. The left hand side is the inside cover of my organizer. 

I took this photo while we were on a family outing in Evesham, Worcestershire. There's a possibility we might move there, so we looked around the town. This is the local museum and dates back to the 14th century!  

Could anyone identify this feather for me? I found it on my walk around the countryside. I'm hoping it's an owl feather, or something equally cool, like a hawk or a falcon. It would be good to know! It has the patterns of a tawny owl feather, but it's more pointed than the ones I saw online. 

Here's Oreo keeping cool on the roof over the garage last night. Now that we have to keep all windows open, he can get out there. He likes to observe the other cats from a safe vantage point. 

Happy Summer Solstice - enjoy the longest day of the year! 

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