Wednesday, 15 February 2017

WOYWW #402: Digitally altered gelli prints

Another Wednesday, another WOYWW. I remembered it was #402 without having to check! Take a photo of your desk, stick it on your blog and head over to the Stamping Ground to share it with the whole wide world! My photo was taken a few days ago while I was working on a LifeBook page. I have since finished it and posted it here. Oreo was taking charge of the proceedings, as you can see. Look at his smug little face lying right on top of my scissors! Captions anyone?

I've also been working on a Wanderlust lesson in my altered book, but I've only got as far as the background. I guess I can show you a quick peek. I kinda like it so now I'm afraid to mess it up. Yes, it still happens!

Finally, I've got some gelli prints to show you. I made these a while ago but never shared them. Now is the best opportunity before I forget! I road tested the stencil that Lynette sent me from New Zealand. I experimented with different colours and then digitally altered the images to enhance them. Here are some of the results.

And here's a GIF I created with a single print by changing the colours digitally:


Thanks so much for visiting! I hope I didn't hold you up too long! 
There's a fine balance between keeping it short and sweet, but still interesting.
I usually have to sacrifice the short and sweet part! 

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