Wednesday, 8 February 2017

WOYWW #401: Bits 'n Pieces

Hello again for another round of WOYWW, #401 to be exact! It will be easy to remember the sequence for a while now. I haven't got much sitting on my desk at the moment other than Oreo, but I do have some bits 'n pieces of art to show you further down this post. Keeping to the rules though, here's a shot of my desk shown from a different angle than usual. I remembered that I took a similar shot when I first introduced Oreo back in November 2015 - here are the two photos side by side.

Art-wise, I have three projects to share with you today. Remember this stencilled piece of fabric I did a while ago? 

I decided to turn it into a pencil pouch. I didn't bother with a zip - I just stitched down the sides and made a fold-over flap. It was done in a messy fashion. I could say I made it messy on purpose, but the truth is, that's the only way I can sew, LOL! This is what it looks like, front, back and inside:

I've also got this "accidental" landscape which was cut from a piece of cardboard I used as my underlay to protect my work surface. It's tiny though- only about 2" X 2". I only realized it looked a bit like a landscape after I'd cut it. I would never be able to paint something like this on purpose! 

And finally, let me show you my "erosion bundles". I came across this concept on Evelyn Flint's blog and was captivated immediately! This is how it works: you collect some pieces of paper, fabric, ribbon, lace or any other bits and bobs you want to distress in a bundle and put them out in your garden to weather for a few months. It helps if you include tea bags, coffee, paints, rusty metal or anything else to facilitate the process. I've made three small bundles and hung them on a tree at the bottom of our garden. I'll check them in a couple of months to see how they're shaping up. 

Thank you for visiting today! Don't forget to send healing thoughts and prayers to Shoshi, who's still in hospital recovering from major emergency surgery. Get well soon Shoshi! And of course Shaz too, who's in a similar situation! Hope you're both back on your feet again soon ladies - we're missing you!

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