Sunday, 7 August 2016

LifeBook Week 32: Grow Free

This week on LifeBook Tam gave us the task to paint some flowers with a lot of freedom and abandonment, leaving our limiting beliefs behind. I did the bonus lesson first, which was originally part of LB2014. I actually did two versions of this assignment. They're very similar to each other as I used the same colours and finger paint technique. One of them will go in my LifeBook and the other possibly on the wall if I can find a frame for it. It was fun working on these and they took less then 10 minutes each to create. See if you can spot any difference between the two versions. I think the first one looks "tighter", a bit more controlled than the second. I'm not sure which one I like more.

I had a bit more trouble with the main page and almost scrapped it at one point. I didn't have the acrylic spray paints that Tam used, so I substituted them with fluid acrylics. I couldn't quite get the background right, so in the end - after several layers - I just settled for a uniform quin gold. I swirled various colours of heavy body acrylic paint into titanium white to make my flowers and then let it dry overnight. I can't say I love the end result, but I'll share it anyway.

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