Wednesday, 10 August 2016

WOYWW #375: Colour samples

Is it Wednesday again? Time for another round of  WOYWW on the Stamping Ground. My desk is somewhat - ok, I admit, entirely - staged and neatly laid out. I've got a few new purchases and journal pages to share today.

The photo shows two new books, two new journal pages, my new Daler Rowney metallic paints (which was an impulse buy), an altered envelope sealed and ready to be posted, and a box of paint sample cards.  

First, let me show you my new metallic paints. I wandered into an independent art shop the other day and found these on offer. I normally do a price comparison before buying anything but these seemed good value at 11 pounds something. They are student grade acrylic paints and have good coverage. Here's a little test I did.

I have been neglecting my Inspiration Wednesday and Wanderlust journals for a while and skipped quite a few lessons, but I always watch the videos for ideas and inspiration. Finally, I managed to complete a new page in each journal, just to keep them going.
Wanderlust journal page
Inspiration Wednesday journal page
What I really want to talk about today are the paint colour charts I ordered from a company called DesignerPaint online. They are not printed colour charts but colour chips with real paint on them. Now, admittedly, these are household paints for painting your walls but the colour range is astounding! Did you know that Picasso used house paints to create some of his work? This is definitely something I need to look into! 

Colour chips
I'm not sure what I'm going to use these colour chips for, but I have some ideas! I could try and mix something similar with my acrylic paints.  I could even cut them up and make up different colour palettes for inspiration. I can also look them up online and using ColorZilla identify the digital values for them and recreate something similar in PhotoShop for digital use (which ties in with my interest in textile design). I'm also thinking of ordering some test pots to see if I can use them in my paintings. In any case, just looking at all these colours makes me happy! 

Thanks for visiting folks! We're away next week, so I may not be able to link up. Luckily, we were able to book Oreo into a cattery at short notice. I was beginning to get panicky when I called half a dozen catteries who had no vacancies. We only got one because there was a cancellation. We were seriously considering taking Oreo with us - now that would have been interesting! Poor little mite will be incarcerated next week and he's got no idea! I think we'll give him this cardboard box so he can feel at home in his prison cell.

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