Monday, 10 November 2014

Mixed Media Pear Painting

Those of you who saw my previous post will remember that I attempted and failed at painting a mixed media pear. I'm happy to report that I had another go today and I think I nailed it this time around.

This paining technique involves applying multiple layers of acrylic paint to create colour variation and texture. It really isn't very hard to do once you practice it a little. I followed the instructions of a video published by Betty Franks of Mystic Tulip Art. +Betty Franks, Mystic Tulip Art  You can find Part One below. Look for Part Two on Betty's YouTube channel.

I used heavyweight watercolour paper to create my painting, which I mounted on black cardstock when it was completed, to make it more sturdy. I painted my pear with Liquitex Basics acrylic paints. Before adding the final layers, this is what my painting looked like:

The stamping you can see here is underneath the layer of paint, just peaking through. On top of this I added more stamping with archival ink and white acrylics. For the white stamping I used a home-made foam stamp and a piece of drywall tape. I really like the texture the drywall tape created. Here's the final result:

In the close ups you can see all the different layers better: 

I love this technique and will definitely use it again. Why don't you have a go too? It really is quite easy and produces spectacular results!

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