Monday, 3 November 2014

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

My experimenting with faces continues. I created this spread today. I can't decide whether she's pretty or just a bit weird, hence the title. I'm having a bit of difficulty mastering the skin shading to be honest, but the only way to improve is just to keep doing it, right? I may look back on this someday and cringe, but for now I'm just having too much fun playing!

The background started out as a collage of gelli prints and book pages, but pretty much got covered up with acrylics. Because the background turned out so dark and busy, I stuck with just black and white lettering and accents. The girl's hair is metallic copper, which really shimmers when the light hits it at certain angles. I quite like that! I've tried to take a photo which shows this feature. I used self-adhesive pearls for her earring and necklace.

I've also played a little in Photoshop with black and white settings and selective colouring. See what you think!

I used self-adhesive pears for her necklace and earring.

I used metallic copper acrylics for the hair

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