Sunday, 9 November 2014

Failed painting salvaged

This weekend I continued my journey of self-discovery. I'm beginning to realize that negative experiences may work to our benefit in the long run. We just need to learn to make the most of a bad situation and turn it around somehow. I know it may not always be possible, but it's definitely worth a try.

Here's what happened: I watched a video on YouTube, showing me how to paint a pear and I really wanted to try it.  I took a piece of watercolour card and followed the instructions, but my artwork didn't quite turn out as I envisaged it. I was about to rip it up in frustration and anger when I remembered my exchange with +Beth Lee Browning just the previous day. She used to throw away her failed art cards until she realized that she could turn them into a collage, and thus Tree of Dreams was born. Of course, this doesn't just mean salvaging a few pieces of paper, but rather your spirit and determination. Instead of admitting your failure, you carry on and turn it into something positive. Something that is way more valuable than getting it right in the first place!

I decided to cut up my painting into small squares and make a mosaic card out of them. And you know what, I absolutely love it! I probably love it more than I would have loved my pear painting, had it turned out the way I imagined. I'm sure I will attempt the painting of the pear again, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, without the fear of failure. The worst that could happen is that I create another cool card. Guess what, I might even mess it up on purpose!

I'm really proud to share my card with you, even though the squares are a bit wonky. I just don't have the patience for precise measurements, I'm afraid, but I love how it turned out anyway!

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