Wednesday, 24 August 2016

WOYWW #377: Holiday Part Two

What a glorious, late summer morning! Quite a treat for us here in the UK at the end of August, even though I'm not a big fan of the heat that much. At least I can hang out all that washing we brought back from our holiday. This is part two of my chronicles, linking up with WOYWW to let you all know what we've been doing.

I haven't had a chance to get back into the swing of things artwise yet. Today I'm sharing a lovely watercolour painting I picked up from one of the galleries we visited. It's only a print on a card but lovely, nevertheless. I couldn't track down the artist, P. Hatchley, otherwise I would gladly link to their site. It's called 'Summer in a Pot'. I adore the colours in it and would love to be able to paint like this.

I also brought back a handful of shells to remind me of the sea and perhaps use them in a project. I looked for some driftwood as well, but couldn't find any - only seaweed! Perhaps next year! Here are some artful shots of the shells I took yesterday, trialling my new macro lens.

Last week I showed you the highlights of the first four days of our holiday. On Day 5, Wednesday, we went cycling, which felt more like boot camp than a holiday! On Thursday, we walked miles along Bournemouth beach (as if we hadn't had enough exercise the previous day!) and on the last day we visited the historical docks in Portsmouth, which was fascinating! There's a new exhibition of the Mary Rose that opened just a month ago. I was captivated by the tragic story of this ship that spent hundreds of years under the water and is now on display in a museum! Here's part two of my visual diary - we took a lot more photos, but I won't bore you with all those! 

Day 5: Cycling in the New Forest
Day 6: Walk along the beach near Bournemouth
I would love to own one of these beach huts!
The wreck of the Mary Rose in Portsmouth
We had a lovely holiday, but we were so looking forward to returning home and seeing Oreo again. We couldn't get him until Sunday morning because the cattery was not open on Saturday afternoon. Every time I felt sorry for him locked up in the cattery, I thought of Cupcake, the cat who spent 8 days in a cardboard box when her owner accidentally posted her with some DVDs. Compared to that, Oreo had a luxury time in the cattery! He didn't seem grumpy at all when we brought him home - if anything, he's more affectionate than he used to be! He starts purring if we just look at him and constantly wants to sit on our laps. Here he is lounging in the shade yesterday afternoon.

Thank you all who visited last week! I hope I managed to get back to all of you in the end. I will be a lot better organized this week and I hope to get back into arting as well - just as soon as I get the laundry out of the way! Happy WOYWW!

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