Wednesday, 31 August 2016

WOYWW #378: Altered garment tags

Here we go, the last day of Summer! Usually, I feel melancholic at this time of year, listening to Forever Autumn, but not this year! Perhaps it's the gorgeous weather we've had this past few weeks, or my excitement at future possibilities that keeps me looking ahead with optimism. But I'm not here to philosophize - I'm here to share my desk for WOYWW.

The photo below shows my workdesk (aka patio table) on Monday - I was altering garment tags that had accumulated as a result of our back-to-school shopping trip at the weekend. I first got this idea from Roben-Marie Smith - you can see how she alters garment tags here. It's a great way to make something pretty out of something that you would normally throw away.

I first gessoed the tags, then blended some acrylics with my fingers to colour them, and finished them off with some simple doodles in white ink. This is a good way to catalogue your doodles, so when you need some ideas, you just pull them out. I did some whimsy flowers for this batch, but it could be all sorts of things. Next time I will try some houses, birds, butterflies, etc.

Two coats of gesso

Blend some acrylics with fingers

The colours I used

The colours are stronger in this photo I took indoors.

Complete with white doodles

My catalogue of whimsy flower doodles
Before I go, I'd like to share this rainbow maker with you that we have hanging in our conservatory. It used to belong to my mother-in-law, who sadly passed away last summer. We kept it, so that we can think of her every time we see a rainbow! It's a lovely reminder of a lovely lady and we see lots of rainbows on sunny days! She liked cats too!

Speaking of cats, here's a shot of Oreo high up in the tree yesterday. I tried to get him down, but he was holding on tight. He managed to get down by himself eventually. I have to learn not to interfere!

Thanks for popping in today!
Happy WOYWW!

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