Wednesday, 19 December 2018

WOYWW #498: Advent Journal (Part 2)

I've been very busy working on my Advent Journal inspired by Kasia's Advent Calendar prompts. I managed to finish week two plus another page, so I'm only 3-4 days behind. I'm quite confident now that I will be able to finish it by Christmas Day - and if I'm a few days late, it doesn't matter. It's not a race against time - it's just meant to get us creating during the run-up to Christmas.

This was my desk on Monday morning, working on day 14. I did most of the other pages during the weekend, when I had more time.

I just have to show you a close-up of this background as I really loved it and had a hard time covering it up! 

Here are the pages from December 08 through December 14, loosely based on the prompts:

Found Words/Poetry (I do this all the time, anyway!)

Free writing (it is illegible but made sense while I was writing it!)

Make it simple (I simplified by adding a previous project - the tea bag!)

RAK (I used bits that Annie C sent me - I love this page!)

Senses (this page was inspired by the sense of touch)

Collage (instead of magazine images, I used postage stamps)

Mindful Doodling (not my forte - I just doodled on some die-cuts)

And here's a shot of my journal over half-way full now. I plan to add a few more bits to the cover later.

So that's it - week two of my advent journal. We're hurtling towards Christmas now! How did that happen? It was summer just the other day!

Some of you have asked about Oreo - he's fine - I just haven't been able to take good photos of him. I caught him in my craft room the other day surveying the mess on the floor. Yep, that's my cutting station! Almost as messy as my desk.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. I hope to be back for #499!

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