Wednesday, 11 May 2016

WOYWW #362: Recap and general chit chat

OK, it's official, I'm a pluviophile! I went for a walk this morning in the pouring rain and I loved it! There's something about rain that makes me happy! I don't even mind getting wet, as long as I have some dry clothes to change into afterwards. I'm sitting here drying off,  writing my WOYWW post for this week. I don't actually have a desk to share as it looks exactly the same as last week, adapted for playing table tennis. Nobody actually plays table tennis on it, but it's so funny to see how my husband (who put it up in the first place) gets quarantined by the net at mealtimes from the rest of the family! In the meantime, I'll do my projects on the kitchen counter or on the floor.

We really do need a bigger house! If you remember, we went to see a house last week, which would have been ideal! We all loved the house itself and it was within walking distance of my son's new school as well. However, it was on top of  a VERY steep hill, at the end of a VERY narrow lane - a complete nightmare to drive. We felt we couldn't live with that, so with a heavy heart, we decided not to go for it. We're very cautious now after having bought (and sold) the wrong house last year!

As I don't have anything new to show you this week, I've prepared a collage of some of my projects from the past couple of months - mainly course work for LifeBook, Wanderlust and Inspiration Wednesday. They all can be found in previous blog posts.

Now, onto some news about Oreo. He climbs everywhere! When I came back from my walk this morning, I couldn't find him at first. We always lock him in the kitchen/conservatory when we go out and there are not that many places to hide in there. After having checked the obvious spots, including the washing machine, the oven and even the rubbish bin, I began thinking I was in the twilight zone - where on earth could he be? Then I spotted him staring at me...from the top of the kitchen cupboards! I have no idea how he got up there. I would have thought it was too high to jump! But there he was...

He's also discovered that he can climb on the trees outside and I've had to rescue him several times already. If he goes any higher, I won't be able to reach him, even with a ladder. Of course, if I keep rescuing him, he will never learn his lesson! Here he is sitting in the tree:

and here he is in action, not listening to me at all:

Thank you for visiting today! 
Please keep your fingers crossed for my little guy (I don't mean Oreo but my son!), 
who's doing his maths SATs just about now.

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