Wednesday, 16 December 2015

WOYWW #341: Midnight Arting

I'm here again to share my desk with my fellow WOYWW-ers on Julia Dunnit's blog, The Stamping Ground.  I'm warning you, it ain't pretty! I actually took two photos, one at around midnight and another at exactly 42 minutes later, or so the camera information tells me.

I was ready to go to bed after watching a couple of episodes of Grey's Anatomy on Amazon, but Oreo perked up just as I was locking up, and went berserk running around after having slept all day. I thought I'd better stay up with him for a while and let him tire himself out before locking him in the conservatory where he's supposed to sleep. While waiting for him to calm down, I occupied myself by working on two journal pages. I'm not sure where either of them are going at this point. Here's the double shot of my messy midnight work surface:

And here's culprit responsible for my late night arting session, in a more relaxed state earlier in the day. He's found the softest bed throw in the house!

I've also got some completed art to show you. I made a journal page using some of those TCW stencils I showed you last week. I got into a pickle with the composition, which often happens when I use circles, for some reason. Perhaps I should have thought this through a bit more.

And I've also done three more of those altered 'angel' cards I introduced last week. These are just the right size for quickies to jump start my creativity. The photos show front and and back views.

Flip side of cards
Thanks for stopping by today!  Happy WOYWW! Hope you have fun for the rest of the week!

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