Wednesday, 9 December 2015

WOYWW #340: Altered cards

Happy Wednesday again everyone! Time to gather over at the Stamping Ground for another round of WOYWW.  The photo shows my desk yesterday afternoon. It is somewhat staged, as you couldn't see anything otherwise in the big heap of mess. I'll walk you through the items of interest quickly:

In the middle is a new layout in my journal which you can take a closer look at here.

On the left are a couple of new stencils that came from the US. The fish ones I first saw on Angela's blog here and absolutely had to have them!

On the right is the packaging of some new stamps from Crafty Individuals. They sent me quite a few free ones with my order! I was so pleased! I will definitely be ordering from them again!

Top right is a sketch and notes for a LifeBook lesson. I still have a few weeks to work on some of the lessons I missed earlier that want to include in my book.

In the top row you can see a set of tarot cards I picked up at The Works over the weekend, along with an angel deck of 50 cards. I bought these with the intention to alter them. I already had a go at one of the angel cards. I wanted to see if they take paint OK - they do! I will be working on these in batches. For now, I'll just share the prototype. I don't believe in 'angels' as such but I do believe in positive forces in our lives. My plan is to take an inspirational phrase or word from each card and build my imagery around it. The first one says "Allow yourself to be inspired". I covered the flip side with a gelli print. Here's what it looks like front and back. They are about 4" X 5.75" in size.

And finally, here's a photo of Oreo, who's getting bigger every day and claiming more and more space in our house. So much about not letting him jump on the beds! He practically owns the place by now!

Thanks for visiting today! May your week be filled with creativity and happiness! TTFN!

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