Monday, 21 December 2015

LifeBook Catch-Up Week 15: Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl wasn't really the name of the lesson, but mine turned out a bit ghostly looking. Or as my husband and son described it 'freaky' LOL! This was one of Tam's lessons way back in April, which I missed back then but I really wanted to include it in my LB 2015.

Tam showed us how to do a more painterly portrait with a reduced colour palette coupled with some more colourful intuitive painting for the background. I really like the right hand side of my painting and that style is something I will want to explore further. I'm not sure about the rest of my painting though but at some level the two parts seem to work together - or at least I pretend they do!

This may be my last 2015 project for my LifeBook as I expect the binding lesson to be published later today! I can't wait to see all my creations in one book and I plan to dedicate a separate blog post to it, hopefully before the New Year.

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