Wednesday, 9 August 2017

WOYWW #427: Monochrome gelli prints

I could have titled this post 'Confessions of a pluviophile'. After our incredibly hot June/July, I didn't really expect this washout for August, but you know what - I'm enjoying it! And to match the grey skies, I decided to try some gelli printing in black & white only. Someone online suggested that they make great collage pieces, as they match all colour schemes, so I had to try!

This was the view of my desk yesterday:

I used some stencils to create patterns and later stamped on top of my prints too. Here are the finished prints and some closeups as well: (if you see any hints of colour, that was left-over paint on my plate)

I'm pretty sure it was the rain that inspired these gloomy prints - I just didn't feel like doing colour. I love the smell and sound of the rain - not necessarily when I'm out and about, but there's something so atmospheric about being indoors while it's raining outside. It makes me happy, despite the doom and gloom! I took this video to capture the atmosphere in our little garden this morning. It will be lovely to look back on it in years to come when we have moved on.

Our house move seems to be proceeding but we still haven't exchanged contracts so anything can happen. There have been some hiccups along the way causing confusion and uncertainty. We may be moving as soon as August 18th. I'll let you know when it's definitely happening. Enjoy the weather, rain or shine, wherever you are in the world! And happy WOYWW!

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