Wednesday, 23 August 2017

WOYWW #429: We are packing!!!

Many of you were horrified last week that we hadn’t started packing up the house yet. Well, we are well and truly packing now as you can see from the photo. My work desk for WOYWW is buried somewhere underneath the boxes and clutter. Our move date had to be postponed again until Tuesday 29th due to some outstanding legal matters. At least it will give us the bank holiday weekend to tie up loose ends, but it had better not fall through now as we have half our stuff packed into boxes already.

There are two things I have learned while packing: a) I have more acrylic paint than I will ever need and b) my hubby is just as much a hoarder as I am (only most of his stuff is stashed in the garage and the attic)! Here’s a photo I took of all my acrylics packed in a box – and it’s a very deep one - it weighs around 12 kg (almost 2 stones)! All of them fitted in this one box perfectly – how neat!

Of course, Oreo is on cloud 9 with all these boxes around and likes to get into the one that you’re in the process of packing. I just left for a quick tea break to return to this:

There you have it - possibly my shortest WOYWW post ever, but I wanted to let you know what's happening. I expect I’ll be off grid next week, but I will be around for the rest of this week to visit your desks. 

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