Wednesday, 16 August 2017

WOYWW #428: Possibility

My internet connection seems a bit temperamental this morning, but I hope I can squeeze in a WOYWW post quickly - the signal comes and goes, but I'll try to work around it. My desk shot was taken on Saturday - good thing I took a photo as I haven't had the opportunity to do anything since then with my hubby off work and the house move upon us. Our date has been pushed to next week now, so we'll just wait and see. We still haven't packed anything but we got rid of our old sofa, so we have nowhere to sit in the living room, but at least we'll have some extra space to stack up the boxes. But back to my desk...

I dry brushed three colours on this page, layering them in the process, rather than blending them. I then added pieces some of my eroded papers and a monochrome gelli print from last week. Here are a couple of photos of the process:

I got stuck at this stage, until I played around with some pyramid shaped teabags and realised that the triangles could turn those tags into houses! This in turn made the skeleton leaves look like trees and the doily look like part of the landscape. It's not something I planned - it just happened! The addition of found poetry completed the spread. Don't look for rhyme or reason in the poem - it's just something random that I thought sounded interesting. Here are some shots of the completed spread:

Remember my rainy video from last Wednesday? We still had an amazing sunset that same day. I took this photo on my regular walk down the lane that evening. This is something I will definitely miss when we're gone, but hopefully, there will be other nice things to replace it.

Yesterday we went back to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard while our tickets from last year were still valid. They had this fun deck chair on board the HMS Warrior, that I thought was worth sharing:

And here's a photo of the ship itself, built in 1860, just around the time when steam ships started to replace sailing ships. I couldn't take a proper photo last year as it was tipping down with rain, but we had a glorious day yesterday. 

Happy WOYWW! 
I'll be around visiting as many of you as I can during the course of the week, if I can't make it today.

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