Wednesday, 30 January 2019

WOYWW #504: A handmade, fabric covered book

Well, my desk is not exactly tidy (or clean) but at least it's now serviceable. I had a little tidy up, which involved sweeping everything off my desk onto the floor - in one elegant, swift movement. Job done - for now. Stage two will involve tidying the floor, but I haven't got to that point yet. Here's my newly reclaimed work surface with my latest project in progress:

Why am I showing you all this? Well, it's all for WOYWW, where we share our work surfaces, some tidy and neat and some shamelessly messy. Mine usually falls in the latter category. 

So what's on my desk today? I bought some cheap foolscap size file folders on Amazon, cut them down to size and stuck the pages together along the folds back-to-back with some masking tape to form a flipable booklet. You can see it lying on my desk on the left. I gessoed the pages to make them withstand wet media. Then I made a cover for it using the Tim Holtz fabric I'd bought recently. 

(If anyone needs a tutorial on this binding method, I keep going back to this blog post by Wendy Burgess. This is the same method I used to bind my 2016 Life Book as well.) 

This is how my book turned out in the end. The pages lie completely flat when it's open. 

The next step will be to fill the pages but I haven't decided what to do with the book yet. I'll put it aside for now, waiting for inspiration. Perhaps I'll turn it into a photo album.

How's that for short 'n sweet today? I'll be over catching up soon with everyone! Happy #504!

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  1. I cannot remember if I posted here, but if not...this is absolutely stunning Zsuzsa!! I look forward to seeing how you will fill this masterpiece!
    hmmmm has Oreo's colors! heehee
    Jackie xo


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