Wednesday, 12 July 2017

WOYWW #423: Two journal pages

One advantage of taking part in the weekly WOYWW blog hop is that it really highlights the passage of time. Don't tell me another week has gone past! And what have I got to show for it? Two journal pages and not much more, I'm afraid. And I don't mean just artwise, but otherwise as well. In other words, not much has happened or been accomplished. But that's just how it is, these days. I'm not complaining - I quite like it. Nice and quiet - no drama, no stress. For the time being. This could be the quiet before the storm if we decide to go ahead with the house move, but it's too early to say more. I'll let you know in due course if it happens.

Now onto my desk. This photo was taken on Saturday. I suddenly felt inspired to use some of those weathered elements I showed you in my erosion bundles a couple of weeks ago. A doily, a tag, teabags, and some book pages. The rest of the stuff is still in that puzzle box.

Here's the completed page. It's titled 'Hybrid' which is a word I borrowed from the dictionary paper used on the spread. It's supposed to depict my emerging style, which is a hybrid of all the styles influencing my art at the moment; a grungy, messy style. 

The other page is visually less impressive, but full of meaning. I started out by journalling on the background all my fears, hopes and excitement about the future in general and our house move in particular. Most of this got covered up by paint and collage. I used a printout of a sailing ship as my focal point, which I came across in my stash. I used the same image in this project. I titled the page 'Sail Away'. 

Before I let you go, I spotted Oreo snoozing with his tongue hanging out and thought it looked funny. Hope it makes you smile too! 

Happy Wednesday Everyone and 
thanks for stopping by!

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