Sunday, 18 September 2016

Wanderlust Week #38: Altered brown bag envelope

It's been ages since I posted a Wanderlust project. Even though I've watched all the videos, I haven't always had time to complete the assignments. That's ok! I'm enjoying the freedom of taking online classes without the obligation to do each lesson every week. I still learn a lot just by watching the videos.

This week, however, I absolutely had to try Roben-Marie's brilliant idea of turning a brown paper bag into a colourful, funky envelope. Interestingly, just an hour before receiving the link to the video (without being aware of the course schedule) I was looking at one of those brown bags, thinking 'hmm, what can I do with this?' How is that for serendipity?

I'm not at liberty to share the entire step-by step process, but perhaps I'm allowed to post a few in-between shots to demonstrate how my layers built up.

collage papers

bits from my own artwork, plus gesso

black paint and white stencilling added for contrast
Here's the finished envelope, complete with stitching, doodling, stampin and some more colours added. I think I may have overdone it and lost most of my background, but hey, I had so much fun in the process!

After all these layers of collage and paint, the brown paper turned quite sturdy and it would be suitable to send in the mail as mail art. There could be other uses as well.  I think I will use mine to keep my leftover collage papers in it. I gessoed the inside so it looks neat. 

Thanks for visiting today! Wishing you a creative Sunday!

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