Saturday, 2 April 2016

Inspiration Wednesday: Lotus Flower

I'm running slightly behind Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday class. This is a lesson from two weeks ago. Donna used a lotus flower stencil for this layout. I cut a similar stencil on my Cameo from a clipart image I'd found on the Internet and made it quite large for my 12X12 inch page.

I have struggled with larger stencils before, especially the ones I cut from cardstock. It's very difficult to keep the stencil flat on the page while applying texture paste through the apertures. I've found an easy solution! I sprayed the back of my stencil with some repositionable adhesive, which temporarily stuck it down and I was able to apply my texture paste with ease.

Another technique I discovered, is using gold leaf with stencils. I came across this technique on YouTube in this video. The technique involves spraying glue through a stencil, adding gold leaf to the sticky areas and removing the extra gold leaf with masking tape. This results in a distressed-looking transfer of the gold leaf particles. It's called "demented" gold leafing! Careful though, you will get gold fingers if you end up spraying glue on them like I did. It rubbed off eventually, of course.

Here's my page, with Donna's dark blue/while/gold colour scheme. I used indigo blue by Daler Rowney, which looks almost black in thick layers, but has a lovely, kind of teal tinge when applied in a thin layer. I decided to cover up all white areas in the background to make the flower pop and added some white drippage instead to brighten up the page.

Thanks for visiting! Have a lovely weekend!

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