Friday, 24 February 2017

Wanderlust Week05: Love Letter

I'm running a bit behind with this month's lessons. This one was in week five for Wanderlust with Amanda Grace. This page took me a lot longer to put together than I anticipated. I normally finish each lesson in the same sitting, but in this case I got stuck after the first few layers on my background and I couldn't proceed until I had broken through my barriers, which took me over a week! When I decided that it didn't matter what it looked like, the page just fell together.

The lesson included an image transfer with cellotape, which - although it was successful - didn't really work with my background, so in the end I just used some black and white printouts that were lying around. These were actually some failed prints - our printer is a bit temperamental and doesn't always print properly, but for some reason I felt these imperfect prints worked with the page.

I'll show you how my background developed through four stages:

I became a little too attached to stage three of the background and I couldn't proceed until I messed it up! After that I found it very quick and easy to arrange my photos, collage pieces and journalling. Almost like I was in a completely different mind set! It literally took me just 15 minutes compared to the week long struggle beforehand! This is how my page ended up:

I used the scribble type journalling, which is illegible. It does contain my deepest thoughts though but it is the only kind of journalling I feel comfortable with at the moment. It was meant to express my innermost feelings towards my husband and son. I would have felt constricted if I had had to use my normal handwriting. Illegible journalling is better than no journalling at all. Maybe one day I will feel more comfortable using my regular handwriting, but I'm not pushing myself towards that goal on purpose. I just let things evolve of their own accord and in their own time.

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