Wednesday, 1 February 2017

WOYWW #400: Happy 400th!

I was determined not to miss #400 of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, having missed #300 in March 2015.  I first took part in #276 as a newbie blogger back in September 2014 and I'm still here! I've met so many lovely people through this fantastic blog hop and I would like to thank Julia, the birth mother of WOYWW, for making it possible! I hope WOYWW will continue to see many more fat round numbers in years to come!

So, onto my desk, as that's what it's all about! I've been working on a number small projects this past week and I also have some new stash to show you.

Remember all my struggles with painterly portraits last week? I still haven't given up hope that one day I might get it! I had a print-out of my own photo sitting on my desk, destined for the bin and I absentmindedly started painting over it, just for practice. I knew the paper would wrinkle, being only plain old copy paper. I just kept painting not worrying about the outcome, working fast and without thinking much. Even though it's quite sketchy - or perhaps because of it - I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome! Of course, it doesn't look anything like me, but that wasn't my intention - I just wanted to achieve that painterly look. I quite liked how it turned out, so  I decided to glue it in my journal - the photo above was taken while it was drying. Here's a closer look:

You can also spot a couple of boxes in the dark background that I'm going to alter and a pack of oracle cards that my NZ friend, Lynette, recommended. They're wonderful! I don't particularly believe in fortune telling, but I think these cards can help you be more reflective, introspective and intuitive. Each card has a vintage photomontage on it, and the deck comes with a booklet as well, to help you interpret the meaning of the cards. This is a deck I'm not going to alter in any way, because it's perfect as it is. I might take photos of the images and use them as collage material in my projects. You can find these cards on Amazon here. (The Book Depository had the best price of the market sellers at the moment.)

I took a photo of some of my favourite cards to give you an idea. There's a total of 52 of them.

Well, I was planning to share a few other projects with you today, but I don't want to stretch this post too long, so I'll keep them until next week! 
Thanks for stopping by! 
Happy 400th! 

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