Wednesday, 25 May 2016

WOYWW #364: Happy 7th Anniversary!

So sorry about the triple entry! My asterisk wouldn't go through because, stupidly, I tried to put it after the link and not after my name, duh! 

Today is the 7th anniversary of the What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday blog hop, Julia Dunnit's genius brainchild. I've only been participating on and off for about 18 months, but some deskers have been visiting ever since its inception seven years ago. That's quite an achievement, I think! Thank you Julia for putting on the show for us each and every week, and special thanks to LLJ as well, for playing back-up hostess while Julia's away.

I made some ATCs yesterday for the WOYWW annual swap. Being a commitment-phobic, I wasn't going to participate, but when Annie suggested that we swap, how could I possibly refuse? Thank you Annie for pulling me in - I would have missed out otherwise! Here's a sneak peek at the stack of ATCs I made. I'll take part in the official swap according to the "rules" and if anyone else would like to swap in addition to that, just let me know!

I'll show you more of my ATCs next time. For now, here's my desk earlier in the week, while working on one of those cardboard panels I showed you last week. These panels are really sturdy! I used a lot of wet media on top of it and it didn't even buckle! Why buy expensive boards and canvases when you can have these for free? Here's my desk during the creative process:

As you can see, the table tennis net is still up, LOL! I'm not going to touch it, because it wasn't me that put it up! It has become kind of a demarcation line. I'm just slowly pushing it further away, so that my hub's part of the table becomes smaller and smaller in the process, heehee! Here's the finished piece. My husband thinks she looks like a transvestite, though I must admit I put those words in his mouth by saying "don't you think...?" and he readily agreed! I still like it though! 

This project is titled "My house is my castle" - it ties in with our quest to find a new house and what it means to me. I took some process shots as well. I started the background with some paint and sprayed some ink through stencils for texturing. The face has been cut from a magazine and painted over. I did the colouring with neocolorII crayons and I added Stickles for a sparkly effect.  


If you're still with me, I've also made a short video of Oreo. His favourite game these days is pawing the plug in the washbasin in the bathroom. He's totally crazy!

Thanks for visiting! I hope I didn't keep you too long!
I always have trouble keeping it short.
Happy 7th WOYWW anniversary!

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