Wednesday, 4 May 2016

WOYWW #361: Believe in magic

Hello lovely WOYWW-ers! I seem to have fallen into the habit of taking part in every other desk hop these days, whereas I used to do it every week. It's lovely that we can skip a few, take a break and when we come back it's still there waiting for us like a loyal friend that we can always count on. Of course, it wouldn't be possible without our lovely hostess Julia Dunnit and The Stamping Ground.

Here's a photo of my desk this morning. If you are puzzled by this, imagine how I felt when my husband announced his plans over the weekend, Sunday night to be exact, to convert our already multi-tasking dining table into this monstrosity:

Of course, it's too small for playing table tennis, but I told him so before he made me remove all my stuff - now packed up in boxes. I'm not sure where this leaves me now. I'm between projects, so I don't miss my desk at the moment, but I will need it back pretty soon! He even cleaned the yummy paint stains off it, which I was growing quite attached to. Never mind, I can always mess it up again.

I'm actually very excited today, because we're going to look at a house to buy which has 6 (six!!!) bedrooms. This means that we could all have our own separate hobby rooms! It would be a dream come true, and something we've been wanting for years. And finally, we could also have a dedicated dining table and I could keep this one for my art room and cover it in paint if I want to!

Since there's no art to be seen on my desk, I'll show you something I did on Saturday. It was a quick project to go into the frame that I'd made for a Wanderlust lesson, which you can find here. I tried to coordinate the colours with the frame. I used the backing board of a watercolour pad which fits perfectly inside this A4 frame. The best thing about it is that I can change it any time to display another picture. Here it is:


I used my own photo for the collage. 
You can see the original below, which was altered in Photoshop. 

And finally, I thought some of you might find this as funny as I did. This is a photo of Oreo blissfully sleeping in his favourite corner in the conservatory, while the neighbours' black cat is staring at him. He normally gets very agitated when he spots other cats in the garden, haha!

Thanks for popping in peeps! I'll be over to visit as many of you as I can soon!
Happy WOYWW!

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