Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Inspiration Wednesday: Circles

Just in time before the new lesson is posted tomorrow, I've completed Donna Downey's IW lesson from two weeks ago. It involves circles! What's there not to love!?

I followed Donna's lead with the background, however, my initial layers got completely covered up, so you can't see any of the stenciling, or initial colours for that matter. I also messed up my circles the first time round by adding too much paint so I had to collage over them and start again, but they turned out OK in the end. I added some purple to make up for the lost textures in the background and I actually quite like this page. It doesn't look much like the lesson, but that's the beauty of Inspiration Wednesday - you take the inspiration and go your own way!

I used pages from an old phone book and stencilling with texture paste in the background. The colours include Golden's fluid teal, dioxazine purple and quinacridone nickel azo gold mixed with a little satin glazing medium for easier blending. And let's not forget titanium white! I used computer fonts for the words and the quote and a black oil pastel for the outline. I completed the page with Donna's "obligatory" brown hole tag.

Quick project, quick post - photos bellow - gotta run! TTFN!


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