Sunday, 4 January 2015

DLP Week01: Be Your Own Goalkeeper

I decided to give the Documented Life Project a go this year. It's a year-long art journalling challenge, where you get prompts for each week along with some inspiration. You can then share your projects with their Facebook community here.

I decided to work in a small spiral bound Strathmore Mixed Media Journal - partly because I already have one, so it makes sense to start using it and also because I won't have time for anything bigger due to my commitments and classes elsewhere. I want to use this journal to do quick 10-15 minute projects just to have fun without agonizing over the outcome too much.

The first challenge is to use book paper and the theme is 'be your own goalkeeper'. This puzzled me at first, but now I understand what it means! To me, this means that we are responsible for the attainment of our own goals. Dreams will always remain just dreams, until we turn them into goals and DO something about them. Just sitting and waiting for something to happen will not make our dreams come true.

Once I understood this, I found a great quote to compliment this thought:

Dare to live your dreams

I actually had the page layout done by the time I decided to use this quote, so it was just pure luck that it happened to have five words, which I was able to fit into my gelli circles! I started out with book paper, though there's not much of it remaining visible. I also used some washi tape with circles and I managed to include my symbol for this year as well (the chevron sign >>> to represent direction and purpose).

I hereby challenge you to turn your dreams into goals and start living them!

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