Saturday, 17 January 2015

WOIW Deliverance: Smile and the whole word smiles with you

Time for another Word of Inspiration Wednesday post, courtesy of the Kraafters Kommunity on Google Plus. The word this week is DELIVERANCE.

It is quite hard to disassociate this word from its religious reference, and for someone who looks at religion from a philosophical point of view, I had to go back to the dictionary for a linguistic definition:
the act of being rescued or set free, synonym: liberation

OK, here's my take on this. I believe we need to be liberated from our own negative thoughts and low expectations to allow ourselves to be happy here and now. Our negative outlook on life causes our life to be negative in return. If I feel bitter, angry and hateful all the time, the world around me will mirror those feelings and my life will be filled with bitterness, anger and hatred. However, if I look at the world with love, joy and happiness, all sorts of wonderful things start happening. Essentially, we need to fall in love with life! And one way of doing that is to SMILE.

Hence my sentiment for this challenge: Smile and the whole world smiles with you.

Here's how I built up my page:
  • I started with a layer of gesso, which is indispensable when you're working on a type of paper not suitable for wet media, in my case medium weight kraft paper. 
  • Next, I applied a layer of Gelatos, blending some blue an purple shades with a little water.  
  • I used some white stamping with acrylic paint on top of the Gelatos adding some splatters and drippage as well. 
  • As an experiment, on top of the white acrylic drippage I ran a few drops of dylusions ink. Miraculously, the ink followed the path of the paint, which created a cool white border around it. 
  • Next, I cut some shapes out of Gelli prints and doodled on them with a white pen. 
  • Finally, I added my quote and some black outlines with a Stabilo All pencil.
Here are some more photos below. I hope you find my page inspirational and start smiling at the world, so the world can smile back at you!

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