Wednesday, 10 April 2019

WOYWW #514: Playing with scraps

I'm such a skiver! Three weeks have gone by again without me blogging. Truth be told, I've just been plain lazy because I could have found plenty of opportunities to be creative, but I always opted for something else, like surfing or reading. While I was surfing the other day, I bumped into this video by Martha Lapowska, whom I'm sure some of you know quite well. Sometimes all I need is just a little spark to get my creative bum into gear.

In this video, Marta shows you how to use scrap bits and pieces to create texture on retail packaging backing cards. I just happened to have two of those Prima packaging cards she was using, and of course my desk is always full of scraps, so I was able to swing into action without any preparation.

This is the point where I show you a shot of my desk, so I can link up with fellow deskers on WOYWW.  I'd just laid down the first few layers when I took this photo.

The evolution of the pieces was as follows: I added a few more scraps, including corrugated card, tea bag, cheese cloth, fabric, etc. Then I applied some acrylic ink to colour the background. I really do not like sprays - they get everywhere - so I tend to just use a brush and lots of water to move the ink around.

Marta used a ready made collage as her focal point - which seems so simple, yet I always seem to forget that we can actually do that! It takes the dilemma of "what's now?" out of the equation. I chose some Stamperia images for this. I didn't use the original paper, but instead I scanned it and printed it just the size I needed and stuck it on a die-cut ATC, making an instant focal point without any hassle.

I finished it off by adding a title (from my Prima win a few weeks back) and some old postage stamps (which I really do hope were not valuable)  Here's is the final look:

I've also "tidied" my desk, so you get a bonus desk shot this week. I thought I'd better take a photo of it as it will not stay "tidy" for long. I'm afraid this is as tidy as I can get. 

In other news, Oreo is growing out his new antennae (in lack of a better word) - you can just about make out his two single eyebrow whiskers in this photo. He loses them every 5-6 months or so and not always at the same time. Luckily, they always seem to grow back in unison. 

We've had some lovely sunsets these past few weeks. I always grab my camera whenever I see one. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the sky changes at sunset - blink and you miss it - so I like to capture them as often as possible! 

Thanks for visiting today! I'll be popping in sometime within the next few days, if not today, to catch up with everyone! xx


  1. I love those 'cards' and all the things you added to it.. I just used my last piece of cheese cloth on an art journal page and have to go look if I can find/buy it anywhere... love that stuff!! Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland. Marit #17

  2. Wow, that artwork is amazing, it's interesting to see the different stages! Look at those sunsets, how glorious are they? Simple things bring pleasure.
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  3. Hi Zsuzsa, love the pieces! My friend Debbie( Tattered Rocks) is a huge fan of Marthas. Great sunset pics, you could almost imagine them being taken somewhere really exotic.Love Oreos pic, looking very majestic. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 X

  4. I love how your art came out. Isn't that fantastic that you can use retail backing and make something so beautiful. That is pure genius. I really like your sentiments. Oh my goodness that is an amazing sunset. I would be racing to see it everyday if I had that beauty happening here. By the way, I have found the same thing happen to me with regards to doing something else instead of crafting. I have been loving reading. Soon it will be garden season so my crafting takes an even bigger hit. Pop on by if you find some time!
    Belinda #25

  5. Hi Zsusza. I was going to ask you were you go to do your surfing then realised you didn't mean the that kind of surfing Lol! I absolutely love Martha and her gorgeous little girl. That Video is quite an old one but I still go back to it. She is a very prolific crafter and there are loads of new videos too. She has her own shop now too. Love how you've used the packaging. I have a habit of keeping the stuff and then not using it. I should be ashamed of myself! Loving the photos too, quite gorgeous views. Right I'm off! Happy creative woyww, Angela x16x

  6. Gorgeous sunsets, funny how different they are in different parts of the country. The best I ever saw was in San Diego but one on my way back from down south to Wales came a close second, if not a joint first to be honest. Oh dear, I can be so indecisive.
    Love your Marta pages - I first met Marta in her early days on a weekend workshop at Riverside. She was a lovely person, very easy to like with such a lovely personality. She was in the same hotel as we were so we spent all the evenings and breakfast with her too. I have a couple of pieces of work I did with her on display in my craftroom.
    I really must look Stamperia up - I saw some of their stuff at CHA a couple of years back when Antonis was dem'ing for them.
    Have a good week and please don't let it be three weeks before we see you again. Or Oreo with his new deely boppers.
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  7. I adore sunsets too, those are spectacular! I always watch Marta's videos, they are amazing. not sure I've seen that one yet though.. Helen #2

  8. Wow, wow and triple wow Zsuzsa. Love your collages on the packaging, what a fabulous idea to come across and love your interpretation. Meow to Oreo and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

  9. Can't believe the difference between the beginning and the end! Incredible - all from packaging we would normally throw away. Well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  10. I love your collage pages, Zsuzsa! Really creative. Yes, I often watch Martha but haven't seen that particular video. Oreo...bless him with his antennae lol lol!! Funny boy. Gorgeous sunsets too. Thank you for your visit. I've posted on my new Wordpress blog at and you can see the photos and comment there if you like. I've also given myself a new number at Julia's with that address. Thank you for your input on Wordpress. Everything has its pros and cons and nothing is ever exactly as we'd like it, is it!! After a lot of experimenting, I found a Wordpress theme that does what I want, at least for the moment, and I've managed to customise it quite well. I think I am well ready for this challenge now, because I'm utterly fed up with Blogger and anything is going to be better than that!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #23 (new number with Wordpress post)

  11. Thanks for visiting my new blog, Zsuzsa. So glad you can see the photos! I couldn't resist that cat cartoon when I saw it. I smile whenever I think about it!! Glad you like my embellishments.


  12. Those photographs could have fooled me into thinking you had been on an exotic holiday during your time away Zsuzsa, I could just imagine a herd of Elephants ambling along the horizon amazing capture.
    Love how you used those bits to create, I shut myself away today and had a half day play using some bits I was about to recycle. I know what you mean about the sprays but they can be so fast when time is limited.
    Thank you for your sweet words earlier, it's a sad time but years of happy memories, chin scritches to Oreo he's such a fine fellow.
    Hugs Tracey #5 xx

  13. Stunning cards, Zsuzsa - as always, your colour and texture have me salivating. On another note, I'm glad to see that Oreo is gaining ground with his eyebrows...a cool cat indeed!

  14. Oreo is looking very handsome and debonair today! I love your pages, and have bookmarked to video to watch later,it looks great! Inky survived her vaccination, and like Oreo, is more concerned with the trip to the vet than the actual shot! Thanks for your visit and have a great week! Lindart #29

  15. At first I thought you were surfing in the sea - thought you were very keen and active! ;-) Thanks for visiting my blog. I currently feel like I'm in a creative slump but really I am just percolating/marinating and when I start again it will be a new season of creativity ♥ Just beginning my holidays - YAY

  16. Hi Zsuzsa, I'm not taking part this week but wanted to say thank you so much for stopping by my blog earlier in the week. I love your collages and the little focal point pieces are just gorgeous. I shall go and find Marta on Youtube as I've never heard of her but I don't do much surfing along those lines, I tend to browse craft shops on line more often than not! Gorgeous picture of Oreo, I love the soft colours you've used on it, and the sunsets are amazing. Perhaps one day we'll both post on WOYWW on the same day - we seem to be in a cycle of missing each other!!
    Thanks again for the visit and have a lovely weekend xx

  17. Hi Zsuzsa, I copped out again this week, time just runs away from me! I totally tought you were out actually surfing in the sea and was picturing you in a wet suit :o) I love Marta's videos too, I've earmarked that one to enjoy this evening. Your collage pieces turned out really cool, love them, and your desk just makes me each to jump in and play! Have a great weekend xx

  18. Hi Zsusza running late again.. sunsets are like life, blink and it’s gone, need to make each moment count for eternity. Love your images and step by step.. fascinated to read. Might try summat like that for our ATCs or knowing me will forget by then!
    Wow new whiskers for Oreo, had no idea but totally makes sense!
    Happy belated WOYWW, Shaz in Oz. X#15

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  19. Beautiful art work - wonderful colours and textures Zsuzsa... !

  20. Oh I do love watching Marta's videos as well, I do seem to catch on to her style quickly. Your pieces came out beautifully and the words- perfect! and as for the stamps,if they were of value, that just makes your art work even more precious and valuable! That's what I say!

    Gorgeous sunsets! Holy moly, what a site to see each evening- thank you for sharing!
    hugs and love my friend! xoxo


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