Wednesday, 28 March 2018

WOYWW #460: Brown Bag Journal (part 2)

I thought I'd better check in today, lest people forget I ever existed!  I've been settling into my new routine post homeschooling. My son has been back at school for almost two weeks now and he seems to have fitted in quite well. Although I have more free time now, with the school bus leaving at 7:30, I no longer have the luxury of a lie-in, even when I work afternoons. Inexplicably, even though I wouldn't have to get up until 6.30, I always wake up at stupid o'clock and have trouble going back to sleep, so I tend to get up at around 5 a.m. and sometimes even earlier. So here I am writing this WOYWW post at the crack of dawn.

I haven't been active in my craft room lately - I need to find my mojo - but I managed to snap this photo on Sunday. I was prepping some tea bags to be used as tiny canvases, but that's as far as I got with them. Oreo was keeping me company - you can see that his two white eyebrow whiskers have now begun to grow back!

Although I haven't created anything new recently, I still have some projects I made over Christmas that I'd never shared. Some of you might remember my paper bag journal from last year - I'm now ready to show you the flipside.  It was done in a similar fashion with lots of little scraps and images I had lying around, with not much planning or specific intention, therefore the pages may look a bit random.

I'm planning to make a flip-thorough at one point, but for now you'll have to content yourself with another video I'm sharing from Facebook (I hope that's OK!). It shows an easy technique of painting a realistic cat portrait. I might try this with Oreo if I can get his head through a canvas, but somehow I doubt it would be possible! Other cats seem to be a lot more laid back about these things.

If this made you smile, I've done my job today :)
Thanks for visiting - I'll be around later in the week - happy WOYWW!

UPDATE 22/06/2018
I have just now uploaded part 2 of my flipthrough - it only took me 3 months!

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