Wednesday, 24 January 2018

WOYWW #451: Distressed picture frame

Another Wednesday is upon us - well, almost, as I'm writing this on Tuesday night. I hope I'll have enough time to link up to WOYWW in the morning before leaving for work. I'll try to be real quick today - see if I can be true to my word just this once!

The photo of my desk shows a picture frame being altered. It used to be white and a bit bland. Hubby asked me to do something to it. It's actually a frame that he made himself to display a painting that his brother created years ago - in fact, almost three decades ago! What is this if not teamwork?

I used a nice turquoise blue colour to paint the frame, distressed it with a sanding block and then dry brushed some antique gold around the edges and all over. Easy peasy and I like how it ended up. Here's a closer look, along with the painting by my brother-in-law. I know, I know, he's talented! Shame he gave up his hobby - I don't think he paints any more. I hope I did justice to his painting with the new frame.

Something else: Shaz (Silverwolf) was kind enough to send me her unwanted A5 binders for my new dies. I used some sleeves with magnetic sheets in them and they work pretty well together. Thanks Shaz! They're perfect for what I need them for! I plan to alter the binders at one point - perhaps cover them with fabric or collage.

Back by popular demand this week - Oreo, the cat. I had a job taking a photo of him as he's outside most of the day now, but we always keep him indoors at night. I'm worried about the foxes nearby. I naively thought that foxes slept during the day and only came out at night, but I've seen them at all times gallivanting around. Just the other day I saw one only a few meters away from the house in broad day light. They go for the bunny rabbits - I wish I could protect them! Nature is so cruel! I'm just hoping they'll leave Oreo alone. Here he is lounging on the back of the sofa with not a care in the world.

I also managed to snap some sunset shots from the living room. The sky can change dramatically within just a couple of minutes. These two photos were taken only a few minutes apart and the cloud formations look completely different.

OK, so I didn't quite manage to keep it short, but I hope you've enjoyed your visit anyway. I'll be around this evening and later in the week as time allows. Happy WOYWW! 

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