Monday, 17 April 2017

LifeBook Week15: Happy

Last week LifeBook brought us a fantastic bonus lesson by Jodi Ohl titled 'Honouring Your Story'. It was one of those relaxing, meditative doodle projects which I have always enjoyed doing. It started out with a random painty background I'd found in my journal - you know one of those backgrounds we all have and never know what to do with. This page happened to be in my altered book that I use for Wanderlust, but it doesn't matter. I felt it was more suitable than starting on a blank piece of paper for my LifeBook. It's all part of my body of work and I don't mind if there's some overlap between my books.

This is the background I created a while ago with leftover paint:

After muting it with some gesso, I randomly drew some shapes and wrote my story in those shapes using different lettering techniques, complete with doodles all over the page. I love this style of journalling  it's so freeing and relaxing - I should be doing more of this! It's a great way to transform those dead-end backgrounds and you only need a limited number of supplies (a few pens and markers) to complete the page. This is how it turned out in the end:

Happy Easter Everyone! 
We're going on a day trip today -
I'll be back later!

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