Monday, 10 October 2016

LifeBook Week 42: Secret weapon

I was super quick with this week's LifeBook page based on Pam Carriker's bonus lesson. I was working on it within an hour of it being posted. I really needed something like this to boost my confidence after having skipped last week's lesson out of fear of failure. (I will attempt it at some point in the future, I promise!)

This quick page consists of a layer of collage, gesso, fluid acrylics and stamping. The lesson called for stencilling but I couldn't find one to suit my page. Instead, I simply rolled some white acrylics on a background stamp with a brayer and got very similar results to stencilling.

The horse image was part of my collage - one of da Vinci's sketches, that I incorporated in the background and went over it with a pencil to make it stand out a bit more where it got covered up by gesso and paint. The title came from a magazine. At the time I chose it, I wasn't sure of the "meaning" in terms of my page, but now I think it means that art is my secret weapon. I can take life's curve balls when I have art in my life to fall back on and take inspiration from. I journalled this sentiment at the bottom of the page in white ink in a scribbly fashion.  As a finishing touch, I applied some black oil pastels to the edge of the page and around my title to frame them.


I'm happy with this page - it was so quick and effortless.
This is what Pam means by "art at the speed of life" I guess when she encourages us to art journal every day! I'd definitely like to do more of this style of "no-stress" art journalling in the future.
Thanks so much for visiting!

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