Saturday, 10 October 2015

More paint over collage!

In my previous post I wrote about the paint over collage technique. I had so much fun with it that I created two other pages, hoping that with each attempt I might improve a little. I'm trying to go for a less cartoony and more painterly look. I think in my first picture I managed to do this, not so much in my second.

The first page was created in my "scarp" journal on a whim. I didn't plan this! I'd just found my scrap journal hiding at the bottom of a drawer and decided to play a little. I thought I was going to add a few scrap collage pieces and call it a day. But I got sucked into the creative process and ended of with this page:

It's always interesting to see the underlying image as well, so here it is, followed by some close-ups:


The second page I'm less happy with, though there are bits of it I quite like. I overdid the eyes with too much outlining. This is an area I'm still struggling with. If you don't outline, there's no definition, but if you overdo it, it looks more like something a 10-year-old might do. But I'll show you, anyway. It's all part of my creative journey, even if sometimes I'm not so proud of my creations. (Notice that I ripped the magazine image while trying to get the air bubbles out, but I managed to work around it. Perhaps fitting that the page is called 'acceptance'.)

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