Friday, 17 October 2014

Time Machine (WOIW)

This week's word of inspiration that Heather Kraafter gave us in the Kraafters Google Community is TIME! A great word which had be brimming with ideas! This is what I came up with for my WOIW journal:

The background

I first gessoed my page, then spread a thin layer of light purple and turquoise acrylic paints, blending the colours together. I added scraps of Gelli prints in a coordinating colour (you can faintly see the diamond pattern from the Gelli print peeking through). I toned down the colours with another layer of gesso. On top of that, I added some copper stamping of numbers in a few places.

The elements

I chose a quote by H. G. Wells, author of the novel The Time Machine (1895). I printed my quote with a laser jet printer directly onto a Gelli printed sheet. I first consulted the members of a Facebook group I follow, Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts, whether it was safe to print on a Gelli print with a laser jet, because I was afraid that it might ruin the printer. They reassured me that it was OK, so I went ahead. It worked just fine! This is very exciting for me, because it opens up new possibilities to use my Gelli prints in my projects.

The beautiful clock face featured in my project was printed from this website. I sent a message to Daniel asking him for permission to use his image in my project. I hope he doesn't mind! He created this in Photoshop! I find it amazing!

Once stuck down, I shaded my elements with oil pastels to bring them out of the background a little bit. As a finishing touch, I added some pieces of washi tape and sprinkled some watered down gesso over the page.

I'm quite happy with the results! The reason it looks so nice is undoubtedly because of that beautiful clock face, which looks so great in the photos - it almost shines! Take a look at some of my close up photos:

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