Saturday, 2 August 2014

Playing with my Gelli Plate

Inspired by the arty folks over at the Google+ communities, I've dusted off my Gelli Plate and got down to work making some monoprints. I've pretty much used up all my acrylic paints - but, hey, that's what they are for, aren't they? When printing with the Gelli Plate, I would recommend using the cheapest paints you can get, so you don't have to worry about wasting it. The Reeves acrylics are excellent for this, or if you live near a Works store in the UK pop in for an acrylic starter set, which includes 18 brilliant colours in generous 36ml tubes for just £7.99. This is what I used for my prints and I will definitely buy them again. They're really good value and work well with the Gelli plate.

I've created about 100 new prints the other day. I even used some of the ones I had created a while ago and added a few more layers to them. Some of the results are better than others, but that's the fun part about the Gelli plate - you never know what you get in the end. I used various texturing tools (bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, diecut shapes and stencils and pieces of textured wall paper, which you can get as free samples from most DIY shops (I got mine from Wilkos). I just used ordinary printer paper to pull the prints.

Here's the result of my hard labour (I did get a bit of a backache by the end of the day, but it was well worth it)! I'm sharing some of my best prints as digital downloads. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page for the direct download links from my Google Drive account. They are A4 size 300 dpi print quality jpeg files. You can either print them or use them in your digital designs. If you have a photo editing software, you can also change the colour by playing with the hue slider (Image/Adjustments/Hue-Saturation in Photoshop).

Loads of Gelli prints!

Gelli prints for digital download

File Download from my Google Drive (22MB zip file): Download

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