Wednesday, 14 December 2016

WOYWW #393: Last page for LifeBook 2016

We're hurtling towards Christmas and the end of the year at incredible speed now! Isn't it funny how time always seems to speed up all of a sudden around this time of year? The end of the year means the end of LifeBook 2016 for me. It's time to take stock and see what pages I want to include in my annual Life Book. So, instead of my work desk, I will share my floor today, with all my LB pages neatly laid out - for WOYWW.

I managed to complete my last page yesterday. It was a bonus lesson by Tracy Verdugo featuring a watercolour gratitude tree. This is a bit of a twist (or rather a short-cut!) on the original lesson as I used paper flowers and a wooden birdcage for embellishments. Each flower represents something I'm grateful for in my life.

All there is left now is to bind my book. I still haven't decided how I'm going to do this, but I have a number of options lined up. If you would like to see how I bound my LifeBook 2015, you can find it here.

We've had a few deliveries recently, which means a multitude of cardboard boxes scattered around the house. Of course, Oreo had to test drive them immediately. Christmas came early for him! What is it with cats and boxes LOL?

Box No. 1.

Box No.2.

Box No.3. (more like rocket cat!)

Thanks for visiting today!
Happy WOYWW! 

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