Saturday, 24 December 2016

My Bound LifeBook 2016!

Another year gone, another Lifebook done! This was my second year and I'm so proud of what I have accomplished, even though I skipped some of the lessons. I chose the "hidden hinge" binding method and used a piece of gorgeous batik fabric for the cover. You can find detailed instructions about the binding method here. I've found it was easier to stick the hinges to the pages first and then stick the pages together back-to-back. I used plain black cardstock for the hinges.

I like how the pages lie flat and the journal handles very much like a proper book. I've made a video flip-through so you can see it in action. I forgot to show the inside back cover in the video, but you can see them in the stills below. They include printouts of two lessons that I did on different substrates - one on a large piece of cardboard and the other in a journal. By printing them, I was still able to include them in my LifeBook. The inside front cover has a little pocket for cards and tags as well.

Here are some shots of the cover. I really like that fabric - I bought it especially for this purpose. I decided not to stick a title on the front, so I put it on the inside cover instead.

And here are some photos of all the pages inside in order of appearance. I've tried to pair the pages that had similar tones or atmosphere.

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I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas filled with joy!

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