Friday, 27 November 2015

LifeBook Week 48: Museology

Week 48 on LifeBook 2015 was a combination of three bonus lessons.  Donna Downey showed us how to use leftover paint to make funky backgrounds and create some cool figure outlines on them, while Lynzee Lynx taught us how to create new words by fusing two others. Tam took these two lessons and turned them into a third - using Donna's figures with Lynzee's words on gelli printed backgrounds, creating a perfect combination! My version is based on all three of these bonus lessons.

I made a gelli printed background using mainly Golden's teal and quinacridone nickel azo gold and a tiny bit of diarylide yellow fluid acrylics. I'd never tried using fluid acrylics on a gelli plate before. They work brilliantly, but I felt it was a bit of a waste for such expensive paints! The colours are gorgeous! If only I had free access to all the Golden paints in the world! While the gelli plate was out, I also created a few prints with the same colours. You can see them below:

For the main page on top of the gelli print, I used some stamping and drywall tape to add interest to the background and a black Stabilo All pencil to outline the figures. I also lifted some of the dried up paint off my gelli plate with some sticky tape and applied it to the edges of my page. I added a layer of matte medium on top to decrease the shininess of the tape. The made-up word I chose for this page is "museology" as in "scientific study of muses". I really enjoyed these mini lessons and I love the results they produced.

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