Sunday, 1 November 2015

Eight journal pages!

Something wonderful happens when you break through your fears of creating! It almost always happens when I work in a "play" journal, that's not precious, i.e. expensive. I have two such journals now - one 50% finished from last year and one that I had begun nearly a year ago but it only had one spread completed so far. Not any more! In quick succession I churned out (and I mean that in the best sense of the word!) a further eight pages.

All these pages started with a layer of paint off the brayer while gelli printing. This initial layer somehow unlocks my mind and inhibitions and allows me to create with abandon. I used magazine pages, gelli prints and further paint layers, stenciling and stamping to build up the pages. Anything goes, except for fussing or stressing! You know when you're in the "zone" when ideas come thick and fast and you have a page completed in 15-20 minutes with no sweat, blood and tears!

Let me share these pages with you. I know they're not groundbreaking or anything, but I experienced so much freedom, joy and fulfilment while creating these that they're worth sharing. I posted some close-ups for some of them as well to show the textures better.

I painted over this face

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