Monday, 9 November 2015

Cardboard Journal

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for Carolyn Dube's mixed media workshop, Permission to Play. I've always liked Carolyn's colourful style and her passion for stencils and the gelli plate, so I jumped into the class without giving it a second thought, abandoning other ongoing and planned projects!

Luckily, the lessons are released every three days, so I had plenty of time to do other stuff in between, otherwise I would have seriously fallen behind (even though I keep saying, there's no such thing as being behind)! This workshop is suitable for absolute beginners as well as more experienced artists. More importantly, it is free! You only need cardboard and some basic supplies to take part.

The main thing this class has taught me is that I can work on many pages at the same time. In the past, I always worked on just one page at a time until it was finished. This workshop challenged me to work parallel, on more than a dozen pages at a time. Each lesson is organised around a technique, like collaging, stamping, stencilling, etc. This way we gradually add new layers to our pages, not really knowing where they are going, essentially giving up control, which is so liberating!

In lesson five we learn how to bind our journals with a ribbon. This doesn't mean that all the pages have to be complete. Mine are only about 90% finished. I can work on play with them at a later date, as creativity strikes, no pressure, just play! Which is another thing Carolyn has taught me: it does not need to be finished!

I was so happy with my 90% finished journal that I made a (faux) video out of my photo stills. My first art video EVER! Here it is below, followed by some of the photos for those who prefer to stare at them longer - like I do!

Gessoed cardboard
Altered ribbon

Finding shapes



More stenciling
My most favourite page.
I made this the cover even though it's the wrong orientation.
My second most favourite page.
Still needs a title.

Another page I like a lot 
 And here are some photos of the bound journal:  

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