Wednesday, 30 May 2018

WOYWW #469: ATC galore and other things

Today marks the first week of the 10th year that WOYWW has been running! If you thought we made a big deal out of the 9th anniversary, wait until the 10th anniversary comes along in exactly 51 weeks' time! But we still have a lot of desk sharing to do before that, so let's not jump ahead of ourselves!

I temporarily moved my work station down to the kitchen this week for some serious tea staining activities. Here I am in the middle of mass producing some artificially aged paper.

This activity added to my growing collection of used tea bags. I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to do with them, but I trust the inspiration will strike when I need it! You can also see my latest attempt at sprouting an avocado stone - I'm doing all the right things, so hopefully it will work this time. I'll keep you posted. For now I'll just show you the end result of my tea-dying endeavour. Don't you just love these crinkly pages?

Now let's move on to more important things. I can't wait to show you all the ATCs made and received for the 9th WOYWW anniversary swap. I'll start with the ones I sent out. I tried to make them all a bit different but with the same technique - even the butterflies in the first and last card are different if you look closely, as they were cut with different dies. I don't have a large selection of dies, so I made the most of what I have.

I've also made some tags to use as note cards - and some matching envelopes:

This year I swapped with Shaz, Neet, Heather, Sarah, Diana and LLJ. I was Kyla's PIF and Margaret was my PIF and I also sent out a couple as RAKs - I hope everyone's received  them by now! 

Here are the ATCs that I received. They all arrived within 24 hours of each other - the postman must have thought it was my birthday! Thank you so much ladies - each and every one of them is very special to me! This was such a fun swap - we must do it again next year! 

Some other bits and pieces to show you (envelopes, cards, arty papers) - I'm keeping everything as souvenirs! 

I have one more photo to share (ok, two)! I caught this sunset a few days ago - this is how it came out of my camera - I swear I didn't exaggerate the colours in any way and it was even more striking in real life on the "big screen".

And here's the obligatory photo of Oreo - I take a lot more photos of him than I take of my other family members - at least he never complains when I shove a camera in his face and he's a natural poser!

Thanks for visiting! I'll be around soon!
Happy #469!

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