Wednesday, 2 May 2018

WOYWW #465: Image transfer on glass

Hello on this rather dreary Wednesday. I'm not looking forward to my walk to work this morning, but I'm hoping the rain will let up by the time I have to leave. If not, hubby has offered to drive me as he's working from home today. I still have an hour before I have to leave, so I can squeeze in a quick WOYWW post.

I took this photo of my desk yesterday, while I was experimenting with image transfers on glass. There are a few new items on my desk. I've recently acquired a Mod Podge silicone mat and it's great when you need a seriously non-stick surface. Those pink moulds are silicone as well and will be featured in subsequent posts, no doubt.

My first project was a straightforward gel medium transfer of a laser printed image onto an empty glass coffee jar. I used the same technique to transfer an image onto canvas here but never tried it on glass before. It works just the same! This is what my finished project looks like:

This jar can serve multiple purposes: it can be used for storing art tools or as a decorative item stuffed with LED lights, which looks lovely at night:

My second project was inspired by a mishap while working on the Mona Lisa jar. I wanted to stick some napkin motifs on the empty sides of the jar, but ended up with a big sticky mess. Luckily, I was able to salvage the project and noticed that the varnish I used to seal the napkin pieces, once dry, created a protective film on the thin paper. Hmm, I thought, can I coat the napkin first and then stick on the pieces? Enter my new silicone mat and it worked like a charm!  

First, I brushed some satin varnish on the mat and then laid down the cut-out motifs and carefully added some more varnish on top. At this point the paper becomes very saturated and fragile but once dry, you can easily peel it off, like shown below:

You'll have to cut around the motifs again to get rid of the excess varnish on the edges, then you're ready to add them to your surface. I used gel medium to stick them on a glass jar. Technically, this is not an image transfer technique - more like decoupage. The napkin pieces look very much like decals. 

It was fun to fill the jar with coloured water - it looked like the fish were swimming in it.

In other news: Oreo seems to have taken a shine to my craft room lately. Here he is hogging my chair yet again. I think we need to lay down some ground rules, mister! He doesn't look like he's ready to negotiate, does he?

Thanks for stopping by today! Stay dry if you can! 
I'll be visiting everyone as and when time allows xx

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