Wednesday, 18 October 2017

WOYWW #437: Playing with my inkjet printer

Another Wednesday has come around at the speed of light, so here I am for yet another WOYWW post to show you my work desk. However, today I have a different desk to share. This is my computer desk in the small study downstairs, which also doubles up as our classroom where I homeschool my son for the time being, hence the map on the wall. Hubby has his own study upstairs, so this is mostly mine to use!

One thing I've been wanting for ages was an inkjet printer, but we didn't have any space for it in the old house because our fat-ass laser printer took up all the space. There are a lot of things you can do with a cheapo inkjet that you can't do with a laser printer and I was dying to get one. This one cost me the grand total of £29 from Tesco's and I paid for it with vouchers, so it was technically free. It's the Epson XP-245, bottom of the range model, cheapest you can get, but it does the job brilliantly. 

It's small, relatively quick and works pretty well - so far, anyway. It's also wireless, so I don't have a load of cables to contend with. Just perfect for my purposes! Here are a few things I managed to print on with the help of some freezer paper used as a carrier sheet. (note: the tissue paper didn't come off the freezer paper, so I had to tape it to a sheet of ordinary printer paper instead.)  Artwork by Leonardo da Vinci, who continues to amaze me with his genius! Just imagine what he would have achieved in today's technologically advanced world!

I also experimented with printing directly on different surfaces: textured handmade Khadi paper (light grey), book paper and paper tinted with distress oxides. I was even able to print on top of acrylic gelli prints, which would be impossible with a laser jet as the heat would melt the polymers in the paint. 

I'm so happy with my cheapo little printer and will continue to experiment with different surfaces. It's been a long time since I felt the buzz of excitement doing experiments, which got me into blogging in the first place! I know it's a cliche, but the possibilities are truly endless! Next, I will try to print on different types of tape, which again would be impossible with a laser jet. 

I also took a shot of my regular work desk earlier in the week, so I might as well show it to you. It just happens to feature Oreo, who was lounging in my scrap box. I even found him sleeping in there one morning. He's been a lot happier since we let him roam the house at night. 

Just one last shot and I promise I'll let you go! I took this of the sunset last night - I love those pink and purple tones and it wasn't even photoshopped - it came out of the camera like this.

Thanks for making a pit stop on my blog - I'll be visiting later today as right now I have to get back to my homeschooling duties. Happy WOYWW! 

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