Wednesday, 19 October 2016

WOYWW #385: More practice with intuitive art

Brrr, it's rather chilly this morning. Welcome to another round of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. I haven't done much since last week, but I've been watching plenty of videos. Yesterday afternoon, I finally sprang into action and created a piece of intuitive art, partly inspired by a Wanderlust class and partly by a new book I bought, which I'll show you later. While waiting for some wood panels to arrive, which the Wanderlust lesson called for, I decided to try Rachel Urista's pastels over acrylics technique on paper. This is what my desk looked like in the middle of this project, and for once it's not staged!

My practice sheet is in the top right corner - I was just randomly testing different pastels, but I quite like what it turned into. I might use it as collage paper in future projects. On the left hand is my background for my main page, which I called Lifeboat after it emerged. It symbolises how art has become my lifeboat. I sealed the pastels with hairspray, which worked great in lieu of a proper sealer. They don't smudge at all now and smell nice too! This is a little cheat I learned early on in my mixed media career. Here's my completed page:

I'll show you a close-up of my test page too. This is just on regular copy paper that I used to test my new paints and some pastels. It's totally random!

I used these Toison d'or soft pastels, that I bought last year, but never used previously. They are really creamy and well pigmented and, if I remember correctly, were quite cheap. 

Part of my inspiration came from this book by Alena Hennessy titled The Painting Workbook. It contains 52 intuitive-style projects for inspiration. I really like it! 

Instead of an Oreo photo (he's hiding somewhere in the garden), I'll share this Face Swap pic that my son took of me last night. I thought it looked very funny, if slightly weird and perhaps a little bit in bad taste. Next time we might try Donald Trump, LOL! Thanks for visiting! Happy WOYWW!

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