Wednesday, 5 October 2016

WOYWW #383: Mini Haul

Hello on this glorious autumn morning! I'm here again to join the crowd on the Stamping Ground for this week's WOYWW. I had to stage my desk this morning as there was nothing of interest on it, but I wanted to share my mini haul from Saturday. I took my son shopping with me in Stroud, probably for the last time, as Granny's house finally sold and the keys were handed over to the new owners on Monday. It is an end of an era for us, as now we do not have a reason to go to Stroud any more, having lost our base there. Even if we do go back, it will never be the same again. Here's my mini haul - the book actually comes from Amazon, but the rest from The Works and Home Bargains. I love cheap stuff, don't you?

I decided that for someone who's so interested in art, I really need to learn a bit more about its history. I never had any formal art education - we didn't even have art in school! So I bought this big book to learn all about it. I love it and I will dip in and out of it whenever I get a chance.

The other things I bought include these useful bits and bobs from The Works. I'm not sure what I will do with them yet, but they're good to have in my stash! 

I thought this large easel was good value at £3 especially that it came with a matching 9" X 12" canvas. These easels are great to display your artwork around the house or for staging them for photographs.

These two notebooks cost less than a pound altogether. The original price on the zebra patterned one was £8! Sheesh! I will use them as mini journals. 

Just so we don't forget, here's Oreo sleeping on the window sill right next to me as I type this, enjoying the morning sunshine, awww:

Thank you so much for visiting today and I'm sorry I had no new artwork to show you.
I needed a bit of a breather, but I'm planning on working on some projects later this week.

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