Friday, 29 July 2016

LifeBook Week 30: Shadow Land with Jane Davenport

I'm running a week behind with my LifeBook lessons and even skipped a few. I really didn't want to skip this one from last week with the awesome, one and only, Jane Davenport.  I have her book Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces, though I've never actually worked my way through it, just cuddled it for a while. I was a bit nervous to do my version of a "Jane girl" because the lesson called for watercolours and I know I don't always get on with those. I had to use some gesso on this one to save it - at one point I was convinced it was a gonner, but I managed to save it somehow - well, kind of.

There are some things I like about it and some things that need improving, I know. I like the colours in it and I think she's turned out quite pretty. On the negative side, my shading is still very tentative and my lines are too tight and controlled. I can't help thinking that a half-talented 10-year-old can do better than this. But hey, I had fun and I actually quite like her!

Here are some photos. I added the butterfly as an afterthought, but now I wish I had given her some pearls instead with the same colours as the flower. I think it would have balanced the composition better and I could have called it Pearls of Wisdom. Not to worry - there's always a next time!

Oreo photobombed my shoot
No problem, I was able to crop him out!
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