Wednesday, 13 April 2016

WOYWW #358: Multi-purpose dining table!

These past couple of weeks have been a bit chaotic for me due to Easter and the school holidays. I had to share my resources (time/desk/computer) with other members of my family, and I didn't make enough of an effort to keep my blogging schedule on track, even though I could have.

The state of my desk (dining table) reflects this chaos perfectly. This photo was actually taken a week ago. I wanted to use it for WOYWW last week, but I ran out of time to link up. So, it's more like What Was On Your Work Desk Last Wednesday? in my case. It shows my hubby working on the laptop, with my son's SATs papers on the left and my arty mess in the foreground. And we regularly eat at this table as well! A truly multi-purpose dining table!

In the bottom right corner, you can see my latest Wanderlust project. You can see more of it here. There's also a sketch for a LifeBook lesson, that hasn't progressed any further yet. I'm still in a bit of a creative rut, although I get sparks of inspiration here and there. Like yesterday, when I created a tag from one of my ATC sized pieces I showed you last time. I stumbled upon a tutorial by Roben-Marie Smith, where she used similar cards on her tags. I was so inspired, I had to try it immediately. I even fired up my sewing machine which I hadn't used for a year! Here's my tag from two different angles:

You may have noticed that these photos were taken with a different camera. I bought a new lens for my old DSLR, which I have been neglecting in favour of my simple point-and-shoot. I'm trying to rekindle my passion for photography and perhaps develop a sideline of digital art in conjunction with mixed media. 

Luckily, I have a (not so) willing model in the form of Oreo to practice on. Here's a shot I took of him yesterday after I managed to tire him out. It would be a lot easier to take photos of flowers, I'm sure!

Thanks for visiting! 
Happy WOYWW!

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